Best Investment Apps for December 2023

In an era dominated by digital advancements, the realm of personal finance and investment has undergone a significant transformation. Investment apps have become indispensable tools for individuals looking to navigate the financial markets.

These apps offer users the convenience of managing their portfolios, monitoring market trends, and executing trades with just a few taps on their screens. In this article, we will delve into some of the best investment apps that cater to both novice investors and seasoned professionals, providing a seamless and secure platform for wealth-building.

A number of these applications also offer sign up bonuses when you join via a referral link. This is a great time for us to make mention that many of the links found in this article are indeed our referral link. Some programs require you join via this type of link in order to claim a sign up bonus. By joining with our link you'll be helping the site at no cost to you. We appreciate the support and for using our link.

Nearly everyone knows Robinhood for being one of the first application based investment platforms. They also become one of the first to allow trading of cryptocurrency. 

Join Robinhood here and win up to $200 in stock when you join via this link and link your bank account. 

Reward: Up to $200 In Free Stock For Linking Bank Account

Trade Up is a newer of the platforms but offers some rather amazing new sign up rewards. I would even be so bold to say the best in terms of the possible amount of stock you can grab up on your new account.

Join Trade Up and win up to $1,800 in stock when you join via this link and deposit $100 or more.

Reward: Get up to 5 free stocks worth $1,800

Webull has a little more complicated of a UI (User Interface) when it comes to trading. However if you're more savvy of an investor then WeBull can be a powerful tool with the insights they offer.

JoinWeBull and deposit any amount for your chance to win AAPL (Apple) stock.

Reward: Get up to $200 in AAPL stock for a limited time.

MooMoo has been one of those hidden gems of an app. Easy to navigate and great 

Join MooMoo and deposit $100+ to claim your stock or cash reward.

Reward: Deposit $100 and get 5 free stocks or Deposit $1,000+ and get 10 free stocks!

While there are now many investment apps we like to focus on the ones that offer sign up rewards. It's a great way to kick off your investment portfolio and a great way to build wealth for a small amount of time and up front investment. 

Many of these applications provide other tools and resources you can use depending on your investment levels. Things such as automated robo-advisors, commission-free trading and event style rewards to help you grow and take an active part in your investment. These are simple tools and applications you can use from day one to help you invest quickly into the stocks you wish.

Some of these apps also offer APRs on cash that isn't invested and have the potential to also act as a savings style account. 

Each application also has it's investment style. They stem from single stock orders to ETFs, bonds and other assets. You'll want to explore these options to find out what app you'd like to use that meet your needs.

*Links within this article may be affiliate links which are often required to use with these types of apps in order to get your sign up bonus. By using our affiliate link you will be helping support this site and it's future growth at no extra cost to you. Before investing please read all the rules and regulations and understand the risks.

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