The Best Apps That Pay YOU April 2024

Getting paid for doing things you already do is a smart way to start making money on the side. You could also consider these methods side hustles. Since they are already your every day projects earning a little extra for a few smart clicks can add up to big results year over year.

In this article we are going to take a  look at what we feel are some of the best options and how you can get started with them today.

*Some of the links within this article are our affiliate links which will earn us a small commission at no extra cost to you! This article is as unbiased as possible and is a result of working with these platforms for over five years.

Our recommended best apps to make money

1) Best For Earning Give Cards:


Perhaps one of the oldest and most trusting reward apps Swagbucks offers just about everything and gives some great options. This is why we put it on the list first. Nothing else compares close to it in terms of rewards, cash back and ways to earn. While it might not always have the best cash back options it can be paired up with the option below so you can be sure you're earning the most cash back from your purchases.

2) Best For Cash Back: 


Rakute used to be called Ebates for those of you that might remember. It focuses on cash back earnings and is a plugin that runs on your browser to notify you when cash back options are there. It also have a great option for finding prices on other sites which could save you even more money simply for buying the same product from a different shop. 

3) Best For Active Investors: 


MooMoo not only provides a great bonus for joining their app in terms of a bunch of free stocks but they also have one of the most robust desktop apps to. This all in some station allows you to get insights and follow other investors to see what they are up to and even mimic their trading. If you love active trading then this is the app for you. Use the link above to earn yourself cash and stocks for your new account. Minimum deposit is $100 for the bonus and $5,000 for the max bonus.

4) Best For Passive Investors: 


If you're anything like us and building passive income is more of your thing then look no further than public that offers solid rewards for joining in terms of free stocks and also options and ETFs investing to build the portfolio you want for generating passive wealth over time. It also has other great passive incomes streams such as treasuries and high-yield savings. 

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